Day 25? Or something?
Wednesday October 03rd 2012, 11:40 pm
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Okay, so Khan Academy is awesome. Annie has decided to challenge herself and build up her knowledge using Khan Academy’s online math problems.  It’s a pretty cool website and you should check it out: There’s a lot there in addition to math (no pun intended.)

I had a pretty good day of home schooling with my kids. I find that every day that includes art seems to be more lively and productive and they are more cooperative and passionate about learning in general. Art! Yes!

The weird thing for me about being a homeschooling parent is that I really never thought I would go down this path. I love schools. I am a big believer in “the school experience” and in sharing your life with your friends, and in the social scene of school.  So when family members ask me, over and over, whether my kids are getting any social interaction, I know where they are coming from.

Now I know.  Asking a homeschooling parent whether their kids are getting enough social interaction is like asking a pregnant woman when’s she’s due.  Apparently it’s the first and only thing you can think of, other than, “how are you feeling?”  The answer is “I feel pregnant, you stupid swine, and I’m still due on Febuguster the 28th.” And the answer to the question about social interaction is, “Yes, you dumb fuck, my kids still like playing with other kids, and we do so plenty, just not always between 9 am and 3 pm.”

I think I’m a little bit of a crankypants tonight. I just watched the Candidates Debate.  BORING! Waste of my time. Carla and Annie tried watching with me for quite a while. Carla, 12 now, is starting to experiment with the power and the glory of expletives and cursing, so she kept giving Mr. Smarmney the finger. Annie, too, made fun of his smirky arrogance. They are not huge fans of the President, but they prefer him over Mitt and his phony baloney blather. Frankly, I thought the whole thing was severely annoying.

I’d let the two kids stay up and watch, you know, history in action.  They came away disappointed and pointing out that the two guys just kept repeating the same stuff again and again.  There was no listening to each other. There was no common ground, really, just a lot of smirking and boring talk.  Well, I agree, though a few interesting bits came up which I will try to work into homeschooling discussions some time soon.

1) My kids don’t know what Wall Street is.  I guess I should fill them in!

2) I’m not sure they understand the basic structures of government branches yet.

3) “I like coal” said Romney. (Why, is that what he gets in his stocking each Christmas? What does he like about coal? I don’t get it, says Annie, what’s that all about?)

So that’s all folks. Good night, and don’t forget to continuously question the judgement of your homeschooling friends, and find out whether their kids get any social skills, and what not. That’s a great way to connect!

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